ICU, NICU and Dialysis

Our major project for 2019/20 was the construction of a new building for Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Haemodialysis.
The building is located in the centre of the hospital, close to theatre and labour ward.
 Hand-over of the building was done in October 2020. 

The new haemodialysis unit is already in use since September 2020.
The Intensive Care Unit is in use since October 2020. It provides 4 beds, each with access to medical gases (oxygen and compressed air). Three ventilators are installed and other equipment like defibrillator and perfusors are available.
Some of our staff has been sent for training at Muhimbili National Hospital (Dar Es Salaam). Further training has been provided by Senior Experts from Germany and is to be continued in 2021.

On 30/12/2020 we have started to use our new NICU. Two Incubators are available, baby warmers, phototherapy and other modern equipment.