Dental Clinic

In our Dental Clinic we have 2 dental surgeons, 1 dental therapists, 2 dental technicians and 2 medical attendants. The clinic is well equipped with 5 dental chairs and x-ray (periapical  and orthopantogram). We also have a well-equipped dental laboratory.
With our highly motivated team we usually serve 10-12 patients per day, but the number can go up to 20 patients/day depending on the season.

We provide emergency surgical services such as tooth extraction as well as restorative services such as tooth filling, root canal treatment and dentures.
With the presence of modern diagnostic aids we aim to reduce the number of tooth extractions and increase filling and endodontic procedures in order to preserve teeth as much as possible. We also offer dental surgical procedures, major and minor.
Specialized surgical procedures are performed by maxilla facial surgeons, who are visiting us regularly from Muhimbili National Hospital.