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Interplast Camp 2023

From 5th to 15th November 2023, Dr. Daniel Tilkorn and his team of plastic surgeons, anesthetists, anaesthetic and theatre nurses from Germany visited our hospital for their 6th Interplast camp. This year’s camp has registered a big success with regards to the good turn-up of the patients and the services offered, which are life-changing for most of the clients of the camp.
Prior to the beginning of the camp, our team of our local doctors, nurses and physiotherapists managed to publicize the information about the camp through radio announcements, posters and Social Media. 


A total of 115 patients showed up for screening and 74 patients reported with conditions that required operations. Most of the cases presented were post-burn contractures at different sites including fingers, elbow, shoulders and knee. The contractures are causing a reduced function of the joints and sometimes even inability to close the eyes, if the face has been involved. Other conditions that were operated include syndactyly, polydactyly, cleft lip and palate, skin grafting of open wounds and excision of benign tumors.
All services during this camp including operations, medication, accommodation and meals were offered free of charge to patients and at least one care taker.
The management, staff and patients are overwhelmingly thankful to Dr. Daniel and his team for their great contribution towards helping the sick and poor citizens of Tanzania.