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Hand-over of Male Surgical Ward and Toilets

On 20/10/2023, hand-over of renovation of our Male Surgical Ward (Ward 1) together with its associated toilet and another toilet close to our new pharmacy took place.
It is already the fourth ward that has been renovated during the last 2 years and the third with a new and modern architectural design.
Patient privacy was significantly improved by installing partitions and curtains. New windows were installed and modern LED lights provide adequate illumination. 
Each bed is connected to the hospital’s oxygen supply, and a nurse call system (“Nurse Call”) allows patients to signal when they need help from nursing staff by pressing a button.

Two beds next to the nurse’s station are set up as a High Dependency Unit. One room serves as an isolation room for infectious patients. A tea room for staff, a doctor’s room, an office for the nurse in charge, utility rooms and a store are also available.
The associated toilet with showers and washbasins is disability-friendly and provides a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene.
We are so grateful to our benefactors, who have enabled us to realize this project!