Our interdisciplinary Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has 4 beds and it is well equipped with modern materials. All beds have access to piped medical gases (oxygen and compressed air). Our equipment includes 3 ventilators, one dialysis machine, monitors, ECG machine, ultrasound machine,  defibrillator, perfusors, infusion pumps and others.
Our ICU team comprises one Medical Doctor (MD) and six nurses, one of them an anaesthetic nurse. Ward rounds are done by specialists and senior doctors of the respective departments at least twice per day.

In 2021, 244 patients have been treated in our ICU and many of them would not have survived without our specialized ICU care.
Many patients have benefitted from non-invasive ventilation and some from invasive ventilation, especially during the second and third wave of patients with Covid 19.
For patients with kidney failure, haemodialysis sessions are provided directly on ICU.
Some of our staff have received training of ICU care at Muhimbili National Hospital and the whole team has been trained by Senior Experts from Germany.