Our Interdisplinary ICU has 4 beds, which are well equipped with modern materials including 3 ventilators, 1 dialysis machine, patient monitors, ECG machine, defibrillator, ultrasound machine, syringe and infusion pumps and others.
Our team comprises 1 medical doctor (MD), 6 nurses and specialists of the respective departments. Ward rounds are done by specialists and senior doctors at least twice per day.
Some of our team members have received ICU care training at Muhimbili National Hospital and all have received internal training by Senior Experts from Germany

During the year 2023, 320 patients were admitted and treated on our ICU. Many patients have benefited from non-invasive ventilation or invasive ventilation, others from haemodialysis, which is provided directly on our ICU. We also offer peritoneal dialysis for children with acute kidney injury. Many patients would not have survived without our specialized ICU care.
Our team is highly motivated to provide excellent services, which are unique in the southern corridor of Tanzania. The price for admission of our patients at ICU is not more than about 20€/day.