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Renovation of the wards

Our wards were constructed between 1965 and 1970 and do not meet current requirements and standards.  Windows are broken, parts of the roofs are leaking water, patients are lacking privacy, the toilets are not disability-friendly etc.. 
Renovations are urgently needed, including comprehensive renovation of the wards, rehabilitation of rain water pipes, renovation of the corridors and construction of disability-friendly toilets.

-From September until December 2021, we managed renovate our male surgical ward, one toilet and the corridors.
Thanks to a generous donation through Missio Austria, we managed to renovate toilets of male medical and female surgical ward and to rehabilitate the rainwater system.
In September 2022, we have finalized renovation of male medical ward and in October 2022 we have started with renovation of female medical ward.
Other wards and toilets will follow depending on availability of funds.