We offer high standard surgical care at our facility. The staff in the surgical department comprises two specialists in General Surgery, two Assistant Medical Doctors (AMO) with great experience in the field, one Medical Doctor (MD) and 4-5 Intern Doctors.

We offer outpatient services (OPD) for consultation, investigation (x-ray, ultrasound, laboratory), follow-up and minor procedures.
For inpatient services we cover a broad range of surgical conditions such as:

Orthopedic surgery

Club Foot

General Surgery

Hernia repair
Abdominal surgery
Breast surgery
Pediatric surgery


Benign Prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)
Bladder stones

Plastic surgery

Burn injuries
Advanced wound treatment
Skin grafting
Contracture release



Procedures are performed in one of our five well-equipped theatres. Anesthesia is offered by specialized nurses. Supporting departments include Sterilization, Wound Dressing/Casting and Physiotherapy.

In our surgical wards patients are admitted for elective procedures and emergencies:
”Before all and after all Patient is the First.”

Ward 1 (Male) – Nurse In-Charge Consolata P. Mapunda: ”In ward one we give quality surgical care to our patients.”

Ward 2 (Male) – Nurse In-Charge Sophia L. Mapunda: ”In this ward we take care of patients with different types of fractures.”

Ward 6 (Female) – Nurse In-Charge Clara S. Mafumiko: ”We take good care of the patients with surgical conditions.”