Outpatient and Emergency

About 200 – 300 patients per day are treated at our General OPD and Emergency Department. Manchester Triage System is used for triage of patients.
Our team at General OPD comprises of two Medical Doctors (MD), two Assistant Medical Doctors (AMO), four intern doctors and five nurses.
Emergencies are treated immediately by a Medical Doctor (MD) in our emergency room, which is well equipped with oxygen concentrator, suction machine, emergency drugs etc..

Our doctors at OPD are working in a shift system. Therefore, at our emergency room, a doctor is available 24 hours/day, irrespective of weekends and feast days. 
Outpatient services also include Private OPD and OPD for NHIF-patients. For special services we offer diabetes clinic, hypertension clinic, renal failure clinic, psychiatric clinic and CTC.
Specialist clinics are also available in the areas of Cardiology (Tuesdays and Wednesdays), ENT (Tuesdays and Wednesdays), Internal Medicine (daily), Gynaecology (daily), Surgery (daily), Paediatrics (daily) and Nephrology (once per month).