Blessing Ceremony for Solar System

On September 11th, 2023, our solar project has been inaugurated with a blessing ceremony officiated by Abbot Emmanuel (Uznach Abbey, Switzerland) and Abbot Romain (Agbang Abbey, Togo).
The project included the installation of solar panels with 300 kWp, a battery with 399 kWh, the integration of the hydroelectric plant (turbine) and a new effective generator.

During the day, the solar plant can cover most of the demand. In the evening and at night, the hydroelectric plant takes over the supply. The battery stabilizes the system and compensates for fluctuations, for example when a cloud passes by. The diesel generator is only needed when the other systems cannot supply enough power – for example, when it rains throughout the day. In the dry season, 100% of the hospital’s and abbey’s needs can be met from renewable energy sources with this system. In the rainy season, the photovoltaic system will provide less power and the turbine more. Even then, the generator will be needed only rarely.
This large and very sustainable project with a volume of more than €800,000, was made possible by donations from Uznach Abbey (Switzerland), Schuyler Abbey (USA) and BEGECA (Germany).