“Towards self-sustainability: Specialized services at the highest possible level in Health Care service delivery”

The treasury office has the core a fundamental role of safeguarding the hospital resources, the department records revenue and expenditure, accounts receivable and payable, inventories payroll, fixed asset etc. It is one of the hubs for the hospital services sustainability.


Finance department implemented 2019 work plan including revenue collection by proper authorisation of payments and both being entered in financial system, financial management reports, Budget variance analysis include perpetual inventory counts.

The treasurer/accounts office is basically, for budgeting, planning, evaluation and monitoring the financial trends, financial health of the Hospital. The department must regulate and strictly controlling expenses jointly with procurement office in purchasing of consumables, medicines and equipments. The key role is to make sure there are available use efficiently and effectively available resources. Asses and evaluate current liability and current assets of the Hospital.

Despite of cost-saving in general the hospital runs under deficit which has been mainly resulted by many factors: little contributions from fundraising activities etc. However, changes in economic micro and macro variables as well as economic constraints of the population around hospital catchment area leads to both fall in the total number of patients and Hospital income in general.


The main sources of hospital income are patient user fees (from cost sharing), Tanzania government, Benedictine Abbey Ndanda via the Congregation of St. Ottillien and other donors and Partners.


The Hospital welcomes various donations especially for our current projects. In case of any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Training: As per Hospital Needs and gap analysis

Procurement: Follows Procurement Manual of the Hospital

ADMINISTRATIVE MANUAL: Guides daily occurrences in the Hospital daily activities. This is the General tool for managing human resource and other hospital resources on daily basis. It is infact a directorium for the HMT members in decision making in all Hospital aspects.