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Renovation of theatre

The hospital’s operating theatre was built in 2004 and no longer meets current standards in terms of structure, functionality and route guidance. The number of operating rooms is no longer sufficient due to increasing demand and an increasing number of specialists. Functions like a double door system or a recovery room are missing. Furthermore, hygiene standards cannot be observed with the existing structure due to the route guidance.
Renovation of the existing structure of the operating theatre is therefore urgently needed.
The sterilization department has to be shifted – it should be located in between the upper and lower operating areas. Finally, up to 7 theatre rooms with adequate standards will be available.

During the first half of the year 2023, our architect has prepared plans for the construction measures.
In order to be able to continue with ongoing operations during the renovations, the construction measures are to be carried out in two phases. The first phase includes renovation of the area currently used for septic procedures and the sterilization department. Three operating rooms for trauma surgery with higher hygienic standards will be installed here. The sterilization department will be relocated to the area between the “upper” and “lower” operating tracts.
In a second phase, up to 4 operating rooms will be generated for general surgery.
An air cleaning system as well as oxygen pipelines and outlets will also be installed as part of the construction measures. 
Depending on the availability of financial resources, we may be able to start with construction measures for the first phase within the first quarter of this year (2024).