Medical Department

The Medical Department is run by one specialist (MMED), four Medical Doctors (MD´s), one Assistant Medical Doctor (AMO), four Clinical Officers (CO´s) and 5 Intern Doctors.

Outpatient services include Private OPD, OPD for NHIF-patients and General OPD. For special services we offer diabetes clinic, hypertension and heart failure clinic, renal failure clinic, psychiatric clinic and CTC.

Inpatient services are available on Private wards (Grade 1 and Grade 2) and general female and male medical wards (ward 3 and 4).
Diagnostic investigations include a broad spectrum of laboratory investigations, ultrasound, X-ray, spirometry and video-endoscopy. Cardiological investigations include Echocardiography, ECG, Stress-ECG Holter-ECG and ambulatory (24hours-)BP.
For special cases, Telecytology and Teledermatology are available.