Cataract Camp 2023

From 07/3/2023 to 14/3/2023, Dr. Winfried Grasbon, an eye specialist from Germany, visited us again in Ndanda. It is already his 6th assignment in Ndanda and 102nd (!) in Tanzania.
As usual he had support from his team of local nurses as well as our eye clinic staff being led by our local ophthalmologist Dr. Hussein Mjaliwa, who has successfully completed his specialization at Dar es Salaam by end of 2022.
Doctor Mjaliwa’s return gives assurance to our patients for continuous access to specialized services at our eye clinic, including cataract operation.

Many patients reported with late stage of cataract, causing them almost or completely being blind. 
During the camp, Dr. Grasbon and his team managed to perform 60 cataract operations within one week. Patients had to pay a contribution of 150.000 TSh (equal to 60€) for the operation, admission and food. After the operation, the patients can see again with normal vision.
In addition to this major contributions through treatment of patients and training of our staff, Dr. Grasbon has also organised and donated various valuable equipment for our eye clinic through his charity organisation “Blindenhilfe Hettenshausen”. These materials enable us to provide best services to our patients at affordable prices.
The commitment of Dr. Grasbon is very remarkable and even more impressive in consideration of his age of not less than 84 years.