The burden of renal disease in Tanzania is high and the prevalence of CKD is reported to range between 7% and 15% according to studies carried out in community settings.
There is a high need for prevention, detection and treatment of kidney diseases especially in the rural areas of Tanzania. 
In 2018 the management of the hospital has therefore decided to establish a renal clinic and dialysis services at our facility in Ndanda.

Peritoneal Dialysis

A project of peritoneal dialysis was conducted at our facility in collaboration with Dr. Kajiru Kilonzo, nephrologist at KCMC and Mrs. Willina Mosha, dialysis nurse at KCMC in October 2018.
Until end of 2021, 21 patients have been treated with peritoneal dialysis. Many of them were children with acute kidney injury and most of them have been cured.
Adult patients with chronic kidney disease have also been treated successfully and one patient managed to get kidney transplant at MNH in July 2019.

Renal Clinic

Our renal clinic has been launched in January 2020 and it is provided weekly by our Medical Doctor (MD). Once per month, a nephrologist is visiting us and he attends outpatients with kidney diseases as well as our dialysis patients.
Patients with acute kidney injury and patients with chronic kidney disease receive investigations and treatment according to guidelines. 
Patients with end stage kidney disease are offered dialysis as a bridge to the renal transplant as a definite treatment. 


Haemodialysis is available at our facility since September 2020. 10 modern machines are installed, most of them Fresenius 5008S.
Our dialysis team comprises of one physician (MMED), one MD,  6 dialysis nurses and one Medical Attendant. The department is supervised by nephrologist Dr. Onesmo Kisanga, who is visiting us once per month. 
Between 30 and 40 patients with end stage renal disease are coming regularly for dialysis sessions, most of them  3 times per week. 


To provide personalize sustainable patient care with compassion and dignity that is supported by dedicated health care professionals, medical innovation and collaboration.


To become a centre of excellence in provision of specialized kidney diseases and dialysis services in southern part of Tanzania as well as Tanzania as whole.