Endoscopy Unit

Our endoscopy unit has two endoscopic towers with 3 gastroscopes and two colonoscopes. Our bronchoscope is currently in Europe for maintenance, but shall be back soon (August 2020).

Endoscopies are performed by one specialist and his team, comprising two MD´s and 7 endoscopy nurses. The team received training by a Senior Expert from Germany and several members of the team have attended a seminar at the endoscopy department of Muhimbili National Hospital/Dar Es Salaam. One MD has absolved training in Germany for three weeks, learning different new techniques.

We use modern video endoscopy that is capable of making diagnosis and various interventional procedures. Most common findings are gastritis, peptic ulcers, esophageal or gastric varices and gastro-interstinal tumors being the least.

The interventional procedures include band ligation of oesophageal varices, adrenalin injection of bleeding vessels, biopsy of various lesions and foreign body removal.

For NHIF patients, all procedures are offered free of charge. Cash patients are asked to contribute a fee of 50.000 TSh for gastroscopy and bronchoscopy and 70.000 TSh for colonoscopy.

So far, we are the only institute in the Southern Corridor of Tanzania offering endoscopy services.