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Hand-over of guest hostel

On February 19th 2024, the guest hostel block was handed over by the contractor.
The construction had started in May 2023, now the building it is ready to be used by our guests. We are grateful to our architect for providing a functional and beautiful design and to the contractor for perfect execution if the construction, resulting in an appealing look of the building. This hostel will significantly contribute towards solving our long-standing challenge of limited accommodation for visitors from outside, who stay with us for a specified period of time.

Located across the main road from our hospital premises, the newly constructed hostel block provides 10 self-contained rooms, a reception area, kitchen, dining area, courtyard and a laundry. It is particularly dedicated to hospital guests, e.g. specialists, who visit us from outside.
We express profound gratitude to our generous benefactors, whose selfless donation made this project possible. Thank you for your invaluable contribution to our shared vision to provide a high standard of specialized services accessible to all.