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Since several years, we have the plan of construction of a hostel for intern doctors and other staff. Due to our location in a rural area of Tanzania, the private market for housing is very limited. The standard of these lodgings in terms of hygiene, electricity and water supply is poor and sometimes they are located far from the hospital.
On the other hand, the number of qualified staff at our institute is increasing from year to year. The need for accommodation for staff who are with us for a limited period of time is particularly urgent. This includes specialists, who are visiting us from outside and intern doctors, who are working with us for one year.  

The hostel shall be constructed in phases on the other side of the main road.
The first step is the construction of the one block with 10 self-contained rooms, a reception, kitchen, dining area and laundry. This block will be dedicated for guests of the hospital, e.g. specialists, who are visiting us from outside. Construction for this block has already started in May 2023 and shall be finished by end of this year.
The second step will be the construction of a block with 14 rooms specifically for intern doctors. Construction of more blocks for our students of Ndanda COHAS and other groups will follow later.