Blood donation and check-up at Nangoo village.

Medical Internships

At St. Benedict Ndanda Referral Hospital, we offer opportunities for medical internship to students from abroad. We are ready to assist for logistics including pick-up from the airport in Dar Es Salaam, accommodation at our guesthouse Benedictine Fathers Kurasini, organization of the transport to Ndanda and board and lodging at the new hostel of the hospital at a fee of 35 Euro/day.
Based on our current capacity, we are capable of accepting not more than 6 students at a time, therefore we recommend to book a position early.
During their internships, students have the opportunity to make inter-departmental rotational choices for a specified period of time until the end of the internship or one may choose particular department/s of his/her interest for the entirety of the internship.

Our internships provide a unique and enriching experience, allowing students to involve themselves in a dynamic healthcare environment while receiving mentorship from our experienced professionals across all major departments, such as the Internal medicine, General surgery, Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Emergency medicine and Pediatrics.
From hands-on clinical rotations to research projects and community outreach initiatives, interns have the opportunity to gain invaluable skills and knowledge that will shape their careers in medicine as well as offering them with valuable exposure to the diverse cultural dynamics unique to Tanzania.
Anyone with interest may contact our guestmaster Mr. Alex Katandi through email: guestmaster@ndandahospital.org.