In our physiotherapy department there are two physiotherapists and two medical attendants. They are treating inpatients as well as outpatients, on average about 250 clients per month.

Our physiotherapists are dealing with prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of different conditions using electrotherapy, manual therapy and therapeutic equipment like therapeutic ultrasound, traction machine, soft tissue manipulator machine, TENS, electric hot packs, ice packs and infrared therapy.

In the area of prevention we offer ergonomics education to prevent musculoskeletal related conditions like back pain.

We treat all musculoskeletal related conditions like muscle strain, ligament sprain, back pain and arthritis. Our department has a clubfoot clinic every Tuesday for children under 2 years, using the Ponseti treatment protocol. For children above 2 years with neglected clubfoot, orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Fritjof from Germany comes every year for performance of operations.

Also we offer rehabilitation services to conditions like stroke, spinal cord injuries, fractures as well as post-operative rehabilitation.