World Kidney Day

On occasion of World Kidney Day 2022, community screening for renal disease was provided at our facility on 12th of March. Advertising had been done on the previous day in all villages around Ndanda with loudspeakers and through radio announcements. 
The screening was offered free of charge to all citizens above 18 years of age.
BP, body weight and height were recorded. All clients received investigations for urine chemistry and blood glucose. 

Screening started at 8 a.m. up to 2 p.m. with 20 of our staff as planned. 172 clients participated, aging from 21 years to 83 years. 
65 patients (38%) were found to have hypertension, 11 patients (6%) had proteinuria as a sign of kidney impairment and 8 patients (3%) had urinary tract infections. 
58 (33.7%) of the participants were found to be overweight and 11 patients (5%) were found to have high blood sugar levels.
All patients with abnormal findings were counselled for further investigations and treatment.
The results confirm that there is a high prevalence of hypertension, kidney disease and diabetes mellitus in the population around our facility and many of them have not yet been detected and treated.