Clubfoot Camp

From 20th February until 8th April 2022, Dr. Fritjof Schmidt-Hoensdorf and his team were visiting us in Ndanda. They are specialized in surgery of neglected clubfoot. Children with clubfoot can be treated conservatively with casts, if treatment starts early during the first days or weeks of life. Those who report too late for this conservative method have to be treated with specialized surgical procedures. 
Advertising has been done for this camp through posters and redio announcements. More than 70 patients have reported and all have been counselled by the specialists.

5 orthopaedic surgeons, 2 anaesthetists and 2 theatre nurses from Germany were collaborating with our local staff. They managed to perform operations in 43 patients and some of them received more than one procedure. All operations were successful and after some time of rehabilitation the patients will be able to walk normally. The project is sponsored by Interplast and all operations are performed free of charge.
Simultaneously with the clubfoot team, Dr. Sevior, a dermatologist from South Africa has visited us for one week. Many patients with various skin conditions have been consulted and treated successfully.