Hand-over of Emergency Department

On 10th March 2023, hand-over of an extended and comprehensively renovated structure of the Outpatient Department took place.
This major renovation was intended to provide an independent Emergency Department and an upgrade of the pre-existing Outpatient department with specialist`s clinics.
Apart from having an appealing appearance from both the inside and outside, the new Emergency block is also multifunctional with its ground floor planned for the Emergency Department and a first floor with spacious administrative offices. Our staff are overwhelmingly thankful to our benefactors for their great support to this project with a major impact on quality of care for more than 80.000 patients per year.  

The renovated structure has an information desk at the entrance point with a visual triage: while the Emergency Department offers resuscitation rooms, an emergency theatre and treatment rooms for emergency patients, other outpatients will enter the general OPD for registration, triage services, doctors’ consultation and specialist clinics. In the new structure, we expect to have improved service delivery for emergency cases by offering priority to patients based on life threatening conditions as well as avoiding unnecessary movements of the outpatients and their relatives and as a result, providing treatment in an organized, professional and specialized way with minimal waiting time.