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Hand-over of oxygen filling station

On 26.2.2022, oxygen filling station has arrived at our facility in Ndanda. Installation started immediately and hand-over took place on 4.3.2022. Together with the oxygen filling station, we have received 30 oxygen cylinders and an oxygen purity analyzer.
After considerable delay in delivery we are so grateful that all materials have been received and installed. The system is working very well.
Simultaneously with installation of the oxygen filling station, oxygen pipelines have been extended towards our paediatric and private wards.

In case of a technical defect of the oxygen production plant, an automatic changeover will connect the oxygen pipelines with a manifold with 10 oxygen cylinders. This ensures uninterrupted supply with oxygen through the pipelines.
The oxygen cylinders are very useful for transport of patients, inside the hospital as well as in case of referral. The cylinders will also enable us to supply surrounding facilities with oxygen. The oxygen purity analyzer permanently measures and controls purity of the oxygen which is produced by the oxygen plant.
This project has been generously supported by MISEREOR through BEGECA and by Humatitäre Hilfe Landsberg e.V.. Thank you to all to have contributed to this great project!