Endoscopy Camps 2021

Between September and November 2021, two Endoscopy Camps have been performed at our hospital. From 15th of September until 8th of October, two gastroenterologists from Muinch have visited us. They have introduced ERCP (i.e. illustration of bile ducts through endoscopy) at our facility and 3 of these procedures have been performed successfully. They have also performed numerous gastroscopies and colonoscopies with interventions like injection of adrenalin, clipping and banding of varices. Intensive training has been provided to our local doctors and nurses.

The second camp has taken place from 1st until 28th of November. Internist Dr. Gatz and endoscopy nurse Mrs. Ecke have visited us for the 5th time. Advertisement has been done and patients with jaundice, vomiting blood, swallowing disorder, abdominal pain, blood in stool and other conditions have been invited to report at our facility. During the camp, 13 ERCP`s have been performed successfully, as well as more than 100 endoscopies including gastroscopy, colonoscopy and bronchoscopy. Intensive training of our staff of endoscopy department has been performed. As a result, ERCP is well established at our facility and our local doctors and nurses are very competent now in the area of interventional endoscopy.