Blessing of New Private Ward

On 29th of April 2022, Abbot Christian Temu OSB has carried out the blessing ceremony of our New Private Wing. It is named “St. Thekla Ward” in commemoration of Sr. Thekla Stinnesbeck, who founded the hospital in 1928.
Despite of some delay in finishing of the project we can say that it has been implemented in an excellent way. The quality of construction is high, following latest standards. The appearance of the building is appealing, from outside as well as inside. 

It provides an environment which is highly supportive for us to fulfill our mission – to heal the sick by providing quality health care services. These services should be accessible to all and that is why we have fixed prices, which are affordable for middle class patients in our environment. They range between 40.000 and 100.000 TSh/day (equal to 16 to 40 €/day).
The building accommodates 10 patient rooms, including 3 double rooms, 6 single rooms and one VIP suite.
The demand for these services is high, therefore we expect to have many patients hospitalized in this area. Thus, we expect to generate some income, which will be utilized to cross-subsidize poor patients on the peripheral wards.