Exemptions for children

Thanks to the initiative of our Senior Expert paediatrician Dr. Löw from Germany, and thanks to generous donations, we have managed to launch the project “Exemptions for Children”.
Children, whose parents cannot afford investigations or treatment, which is recommended by the doctor, are supported by this project unbureaucratically.

So far, about 150 children below 12 years of age have benefitted from this program (April 2021). For example, children with severe burn wounds in need of skin graft, children with severe injuries after crocodile bites, babies on our new neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or children with acute or chronic kidney failure in need of dialysis. Dialysis is maybe the most advanced and expensive treatment provided at our facility. Thanks to the project, 5 children have been treated successfully with peritoneal or haemodialysis during the last 12 months.