Team of Emergency Department


Emergency cases are treated immediately at our independent and fully equipped emergency department. Triage is done on arrival of the patient. Then the patients are either brought to one of the resuscitation rooms for emergency treatment or to one of the treatment rooms. An emergency theatre, observation room, a point of care room and ancillary rooms are also available.
Services at the emergency department are provided 24/7 through a team of one medical doctor (MD), one Assistant Medical Officer (AMO) and 6 nurses.

After arrival and triage, patients receive treatment immediately by the doctors and nurses. Emergency investigations like rapid laboratory tests, ultrasound and ECG are done within the department. If needed, patients are reviewed timely by a specialist of the respective department. Emergency treatment with oxygen, drugs or minor procedures is also provided within the department. Once the patient is stable, he is brought to the peripheral ward, theatre or discharged.