Oxygen Production Plant

Due to the rapid spread of Covid 19 pandemic all over the world, the management of the hospital has decided to prioritize the project of oxygen production plant.

This plant will provide oxygen and compressed air for our new Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), theatre and maternity. The medical gases are transported in copper pipelines from the plant to the consumers on the wards. Availability of oxygen and compressed air is a precondition for installation of ventilators in our ICU. So far, artificial ventilation is not yet available in the South Eastern part of Tanzania. On our new ICU, three ventilators will be provided.

The price of oxygen production plant together with pipelines is 337.500.532 TSh = 135.000 €. The plant will be accommodated in a generator house. The price for the generator house is 67.481.764 TSh = 26.993 €, thus the total expenses for the project are 404.982.296 TSh = 161.992 €. Installation of the oxygen production plant shall be finished early in August, 2020