Oxygen Production Plant

Due to the rapid spread of Covid 19 pandemic all over the world, the management of the hospital has decided to prioritize the project of oxygen production plant. The project started in April and hand-over of the plant was done in September 2020.
The plant provides oxygen and compressed air for our new Intensive care unit (ICU), dialysis, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), theatre and maternity.




Oxygen and compressed air are preconditions for installation of ventilators on ICU as well as installation of incubators on NICU. Meanwhile, 3 ventilators are in use on our ICU and 2 incubators on our NICU. At theatre, anaesthesia machines are supplied with oxygen. Oxygen outlets are also very helpful at the recovery area of our theatre and on our maternity ward. 
In the future we plan to have an oxygen filling station. This will enable us to provide oxygen cylinders for other facilities as well as for our own use.