Oxygen Filling Station

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, the demand of oxygen has increased in most hospitals, including our facility in Ndanda.
In 2020, we have successfully installed an oxygen production plant, which provides oxygen and compressed air for our new ICU, NICU, dialysis, maternity and theatre. The medical gases are transported to the respective areas through pipelines.
As an upgrade of the existing oxygen plant, we want to install an oxygen filling station.

With the filling station, oxygen can be stored in cylinders at a pressure of 100 – 150 bar.
Oxygen cylinders are required for transport of patients in need of oxygen. The filling station will also enable us to provide oxygen to the surrounding hospitals. And last but not least, the cylinders are very useful as a backup for the oxygen plant. In case of technical defect, oxygen can be used from the cylinders, until maintenance of the oxygen plant has been done.
Representatives of TMDA (Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Authority) have visited us on 13/4/2021 and they have approved, that our facility fulfils all requirements for installation of the system.
The price for the filling  station is 148.000.000 TSh, equal to about 60.000 €. Additional expenses will occur for oxygen cylinders and for electrical installations. We hope that we will be able to install the filling station by mid of this year 2021.