Emergency Department

So far, our Outpatient Department (OPD) does not meet with the standards of an emergency department.
Therefore, we plan to do construction with an extension and comprehensive renovation of the existing structure.
The target is to provide an independent emergency department and an upgrade of our OPD with specialist clinics. 
In August 2021, experts from Muhimbili National Hospital have visited us and they have advised us on optimisation of the plans. 

At the entrance point with information desk, there will be a visual triage: Emergency patients will enter the emergency department, where resuscitation rooms, emergency theatre and treatment rooms will be available. Other patients will enter the general OPD with registration, triage, doctor`s rooms and specialist clinics.
This will improve services for emergencies as well as for other outpatients by avoiding unnecessary movements of the patients and the relatives. As a result, outpatients and emergencies will be treated with minimal waiting time and in accordance with standards and guidelines.
Construction has started in January 2022 and will presumably be finished by end of 2022.