Vascular Surgeon

From 7/2/2021 until 9/2/2021, Dr. Boniface Wandwi, vascular surgeon from Dar Es Salaam has visited us in Ndanda. The target was to see our dialysis patients who are in need of fistula operation.
So far, most of our dialysis patients have been dialyzed through temporary catheters. The best long-term solution, however, is a fistula – a short-cut between an artery and a vein at the right or left forearm.

Dr. Wandwi arrived on Saturday, 6/2/2021 at around 1:30 pm. He screened our patients from the kidney clinic as well as those patients, who are already on dialysis.
Finally, he selected those patients who need the fistula more urgently and started with procedures at 4 pm.
He managed to do 6 operations on the same day and 7 operations on the next day, Sunday.
It is a great achievement for our dialysis patients since they can now continue with dialysis sessions comfortably without the risk of infection.