Interplast Camp 2021

Interplast Camp is a project performed every year at St. Benedict Ndanda Hospital, in cooperation between a team of plastic surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses from Germany with our local doctors and nurses. This year, 2021, the operation has taken place from 24th of October until 6th November. Patients with problems like cleft lip or cleft palate, skin cancer, contractures and other deformities have been encouraged to report at our facility through posters and radio announcements. 

More than 108 patients have reported during the camp and all of them have been screened by the plastic surgeons. 71 patients were suitable for specific treatment and more than 130 procedures were performed successfully in these patients (some patients received more than one operation).  The procedures were executed in close cooperation with our local staff and intensive training of our doctors and nurses has been provided by the specialists. Our patients had great benefit and they have appreciated much.
All procedures including admission, medication and meals are provided free of charge for our patients!