Interplast Camp 2019

Interplast Camp is a project which is performed every year at St. Benedict Ndanda Hospital, in cooperation between surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses of the hospital and a team of plastic surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses from Germany. The operation will take place from 25th October 2019 until 8th November 2019.

In first Phase we prepare a list of patients before the camp starts.
Currently (early in October 2019) we have 40 registered patients in the list for the camp. Our target is to recruit up to 100 patients.

The patients who will benefit from the project include children with cleft lip or cleft palates who can get cleft lip/palate repair,
patients with syndactyly for release and grafting,
patients with contractures after burn-wounds who can get contracture release,
patients with clean wounds in need of skin grafting,
huge lipomas and others.

All operations will be free of charge for the patients!