Good Neighbourhood Meeting

On 21st of August 2021, we have organized a meeting of good neighbourhood with representatives of other health providers of Mtwara and Lindi region. The target was to strengthen our good relationships with the lower level facilities and to provide information about the services available at our institute.
44 participants have participated including the Regional Medical Officer (RMO) of Mtwara Region, the District Medical Officer (DMO) of Masasi DC, the chairman of hospital advisory board and the chairman of the board of trustees.

Presentations about the services available at our facility were prepared by the heads of departments of OPD/Emergency, ICU, NICU, dialysis, laboratory, physiotherapy and orthopedics.
The participants appreciated to get deep insight into the services provided and the hospital projects which have been implemented and others which are still in progress. They also gave valuable advice on how to improve our services and cooperation with the lower level facilities.