Birthday of NICU

On 21/1/2022, the neonatal care providers celebrated the one-year anniversary of the care of the infants who were admitted to the new neonatal ward building. The event featured a celebration attended by heads of various units and departments, NICU ward staff, mothers receiving services in the neonatal ward, representatives from nearby health care facilities.
During their presentation, our staff of NICU pointed out that since our new NICU is in place, the number of deaths of premature babies has been reduced to less than 50% compared to previously.

Thanks to our new NICU with modern equipment and competent statt, newborns born at 28 weeks of age and those weighing not more than 900 g were saved. Some mothers were able to testify about the services provided to their babies as they grew up. They expressed their sincere gratitude to all the nurses and doctors of our neonatal ward. The mothers said that without effort, compassion, the love of the NICU staffs may have lost their lives, so they are very grateful to the providers.