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Hand-over of toilets

The toilets of our wards had been constructed between 1965 and 1970. Since long time, they did not meet with current standards. Thanks to a generous donation from Missio Austria, we managed to construct new toilets for our male medical and female surgical wards.
The target was to provide adequate toilets and showers for our patients in accordance with hygienic standards. Each ward should get one toilet and shower for handicapped patients. 

Construction had started in November 2021 and hand-over took place on 2nd of February 2022 for the toilet of male medical ward and on 28th of February for the toilet of female surgical ward.
The toilet of each ward consists of 2 asian-type toilets and 2 showers for mobile patients and relatives as well as one toilet and shower for handicapped patients. Screens and doors provide privacy. Modern LED-lamps provide adequate illumination, so that the toilets can also be used safely during the evening and night hours.