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Hand-over of Female Medical Ward

On 27/1/2023, hand-over of renovation of our Female Medical Ward (Ward 3) together with its associated toilet took place.
The targets of this renovation were to provide more privacy for our patients, to enable close monitoring by the nurses, to provide access to oxygen and to improve hygiene for our patients.
Our architect has prepared plans similar to those for our Male Medical Ward, which had been renovated recently.
Thanks to generous donations of our benefactors, we were able to start with construction in October 2022. 

Privacy for the patients has been achieved through installation of partitions and curtains. Close monitoring of the patients is available through a nurse call system and thanks to the central position of the nurse base in the room. Two beds adjacent to the nurse base are prepared as High Dependency Unit. Each bed is equipped with access to oxygen. New windows have been installed and modern LED lights provide adequate illumination. One room has been prepared as an isolation room for infections patients. A tea room for the nurses, doctor`s room, an office for the nurse in charge, utility rooms and store are also available.
Hygiene has been optimized by renovation of the toilet, which is now disability-friendly.  
The newly renovated ward is highly appreciated by our patients and employees.
We are so grateful to our benefactors, who have enabled us to realize this project!