Grace Shayo

Examination Officer


The form of examinations shall include written, practical and oral examinations. The weighting of each shall be as determined under Academic Committee upon recommendation of the Governing Board.

Examinations shall be conducted at the end of every semester in accordance with the College regulations. Students must bring their examination cards and identity cards with them to the examination room. Examination Office shall issue examination cards 5 days prior to the start of the Examinations. Mr. Samson Maokola and Ms. Grace Shayo are officials dealing with examination issues.

No candidate shall be allowed to sit for an examination in any subject if he/she has not completed the requirements of the course by attendance. If such a candidate enters the examination room and sits for the paper, his/her results in that paper shall be nullified. A student must have been present for at least 75% of the classes to be allowed to sit for final examination in a given subject.