Our new NICU was opend on 30th December 2020, saving lives of premature babies and other neonates who need intensive monitoring.
It is a modern and advanced unit, fully equipped with neonatal resuscitation packages and other neonatal support including baby warmers, incubators, phototherapy for babies with neonatal jaundice, continuous positive airway pressures (CPAP) for treating neonates with respiratory distress, oxygen blenders as well as various neonatal medications.

Two pediatricians, one registrar and nurses with advanced knowledge and skills in neonatal care are available and at our neonatal unit.
We also provide kangaroo service to all premature and low birth weight babies above 1.2kg at our kangaroo room, where the mother is supposed to place the child chest-abdomen, “skin to skin” for breast-feeding until the baby reaches 1.5kg and may be discharged. 
In the near future we expect to start using pulmonary surfactant for extremely low birth weight babies in order to improve their lung maturation.