ICT Unit is mandated to provide technical and leadership support in the development, management and use of ICT in the Hospital and Nursing School as a whole.


  • ICT Unit has three (3) staff members.
    • Two employed staff
    • One volunteer
    • Core Values:-:
      • Compliance to national and international practices and procedures in Services delivery and support, projects management, and quality assurance.
      • Continuous investment in our personnel to keep developing their skills and abilities
      • Responsiveness
      • Professional and ethical conduct of business
      • Adopt the consultant approach in offering services to our customers
      • Computer Network Management-(CNM)
      • Management of Health Information System- (MoHIS)
      • Educational  Technologies and Research Supportive System-(ETRSS)
      • Electronic Device and Computer Peripheral Management – (EDCPM)

SBNRH-ICT Unit has a state-of-the art, IT infrastructure that supports all hospital and Nursing school network functions. It has a computer network that covers the whole of the Hospital’s area with a capacity to support over 200 nodes. Interlink between buildings is through proper network configurations with managed switches to make sure that data and speed are efficient. With this network infrastructure, comes over 134 computers and other electronic devices that are attached to it. ICT Unit would provide the modern technology to the organization to enable proper running of the network oriented systems which includes full security firewall, modern switches as well as manageable servers. These equipment enable the organization to provide good services to their customers. Implementation of the Hospital Management System that cover the whole of the Hospital`s area i.e. e-HMS which covers both OPD and IPD where the working flow is running smoothly.

The Unit is responsible for:

  • Development and implementation of ICT Policies, Strategies and Standards
  • Support of the Hospital’s ICT Infrastructure and the management and day-to-day operation
  • Providing Internet Access
  • Providing the technical support of the Hospital Website
  • Basic ICT Training for staff and students
  • ICT Advisory Services
  • Telemedicine Services
  • Telecoms & networking: Technical Support of LANs, WANs and Phone systems; Network Administration, Email, Internet access.
  • Training: ICT Training of end-users (staff and students)
  • Information & Support: Help Desk: Provide a one-stop point for problem calls and resolution, requests and information about ICT services; End user contacts for problem resolution