[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]The nursing school of Ndanda has been operating since 1965 and was founded by Tutzing sisters, who by that time played a major role in running the hospital.

Currently, we are offering the following programs:

a) Diploma in Nursing for three years
b) Upgrading Diploma in Nursing through e-Learning for two years
c) Upgrading Diploma in nursing one year full time (In-service)

The school capacity is 60 students per annum (each course). Currently the total number of students is 179 (53% female and 47% male).

Currently the school has 11 full time tutors, 6 of them are Bachelor degree
holders, one with advanced diploma and 4 with diplomas with one year teaching methodology. Also there are 3 part time tutors and one clinical instructor. In addition, the school has 10 mentors, who are supervising e-Learning students at their working hospitals.

The nursing school offers dormitories for pre-service and in-service students, but the students are given the option to live at the on-site campus or at their own home.

Our strengthes include

  • Sufficient buildings for classes, offices, dining, which are in good condition
  • Conducive environment for learning
  • Availability of food, water and electricity
  • Good cooperation between staff and students
  • Good academic performance of our graduates.

Challenges are

  • Shortage of computers (currently only 10)
  • Limited number of positions for sponsorship through self-revolving fund.