Campus Life


The College has students’ hostel with the capacity of accommodating 168 students at once for Pre-services students. Also there is a Hostel for In-service students at Old Zakeo. The main objective of this is to provide conducive living environment for our students to facilitate smooth academic journey that will enable them realize their dreams.

Services Offered in Hostels

  1. Electricity
  2. Water
  3. Maintenances
  4. Security

In Room Facilities

  • Beds
  • Mattress
  • Studying table and chairs
  • Shelves
  • Closets

Cafeteria Services

Pre-Services are eating on Campus. Worry not! Also there is Restaurant nearby the College for In-Services students and Pre-service (who wishes to do so) where food is available at affordable prices.

Students have the outdoor eating options from different food vendors who sell a variety of food on their menus: Food ranged from the much loved chips-mayai (zege), makande, pilau, wali nyama, dagaa and generous pilipili e.t.c.

Rev. Reinhard Eriyo Chaplain

Spiritual Life

Ndanda School of Nursing is committed to proclaim Christ through healing, teaching and research. It strives to combine professional excellence with a spirit of compassion and servanthood in the course of fulfilling the call of teaching, healing and research.

Although Ndanda School of Nursing is a Christian institution, students and staff have complete freedom of worship for Christians and non-Christians. Membership, too, of the College is open to all persons without distinction of race, ethnic origin, sex or religion. There are several denomination churches and mosques within the Ndanda vicinity, where students and staff are encouraged to attend on designated days. Students are free to join in one of the following religious groups existing in the College: Tanzania Movement of Catholic Students (TMCS), Tanzania Fellowship of Evangelical Students (TAFES), Tanzania Muslim Students and Youths Association (TAMSYA), Christ Ambassadors Students Fellowship Tanzania (CASFETA), just to mention few.

The Chaplaincy is ecumenical and provides pastoral services to the Ndanda School of Nursing Community including neighbouring communities. The Chaplaincy provides spiritual consultation to patients, staff and students.

Chapel is a centre of worship for the Christianity community at Ndanda School of Nursing bringing together both staff and students from the Christian background to enjoy vibrant worship services.

Students Welfare

The Ndanda School of Nursing Warden Office creates a culture of care for all students. The office is responsible for taking care of all aspects of students’ welfare ranging from social, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual for the purpose of evolving a conducive college learning environment that will enable our students to realize their dreams. The Office supports student learning through programs and services that promote growth and development, communicate the values and standards of the Ndanda School of Nursing community including advocating for students’ needs.

The main areas of services are as outlined below:

  1. Students orientation programs
  2. Serves as a link person between Students’ Government and the College Administration
  3. Counseling services in various aspects such as career issues, relationship issues, financial challenges, academic life etc.
  4. Working in liaison with the Chaplaincy department to ensure all students have access to spiritual services
  5. Taking charge of health insurance cover for all students
  6. Coordination of Students Accommodation

Medical Services

Ndanda School of Nursing is part of St. Benedict’s Ndanda Referral Hospital which is a referral Hospital at regional level and provides clinical and health services. The college has full time Nursing staff, Ms. Nademwa Laiser and Sr. Koletha Nkane OSB who attends the students for medical issues. The Hospital (St. Benedict Ndanda Referral Hospital) provides for referral of cases to Muhimbili National Hospital and Muhimbili Orthopedic Institute (MOI) where facilities for serious medical and surgical attention exist.

Staff and student medical services including hospitalization, are provided upon receipt of medical cards. Students and staff are required to join National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) which guarantees the medical treatment at the St. Benedict’s Ndanda Referral Hospital and other facilities.

Every registered student is required to pay a total of Tsh. 50,400/= as a contribution towards students joining National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) at the beginning in every academic year. This amount is paid directly to the College’s Bank Account. Students who own NHIF cards are not required to pay the contribution of Tsh. 50,400/=.
NHIF offers Health Insurance Card to students for the period of studentship. A student who is a member of NHIF will access medical services with his/her NHIF card at any accredited facility throughout Tanzania. This health insurance covers for students only and does not involve student’s dependents.


  • Students who own NHIF cards are required to get validation/ verification of their cards at the Mtwara Regional NHIF’s office and submit the verified copies to the Accounts and Warden office.
  • Continuing students, who joined the NHIF through the College, are required to report to the Warden office for activation the NHIF card after being registered in the beginning of each academic year.


Fresh students will be required to follow the following procedures in order to be registered with NHIF:

  1. Visit the Accounts office for registration;
  2. Fill the NHIF registration forms for personal information. Forms are also available at the College and NHIF offices and the NHIF Website (www.nhif.or.tz)
  3. Forms must be attached with one (1) coloured passport size recent photos; and
  4. Duly filled forms should be submitted to the Warden office for endorsement and other procedures.

The NHIF ID cards that will be issued once and used throughout your studentship will be collected from the Accounts office. At the beginning of every academic year, you will be required to activate your membership by paying the requisite fees, short of which you will not able to access medical services under NHIF scheme.

The College will be responsible for collection of student’s annual contributions at the beginning of every academic year. Your membership will cease once you leave the College.

Emmanuel Mtwale

President, Students Organization

Students Organizations

Ndanda School of Nursing Students Organization (NDaSN-SO) is a Students’ Organisation that is established with the main purpose of upholding students’ interests.

NDaSN-SO government is composed of three independent organs which are: the Executive (Cabinet), Parliament and Judiciary.

  1. The Cabinet is composed of NDaSN-SO President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Ministers
  2. Students Parliament is composed of the Speaker, Students Representative Council (CSRC), Deputy Speaker, and Secretary to the CSRC, Hostel Representatives, Class Representatives (CR) and Ministers.
  3. Judiciary.

 NDaSN-SO leaders are elected annually in the General Students’ Elections.NDaSN-SO President, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Minister’s office is located nearby Boys dormitory.

NDaSN-SO elections normally take place in December or January. All students have the right to vote and to be voted for. Posts to be contested for are President, Vice President, Class representatives, and hostel blocks.

The NDaSN-SO General Elections is coordinated and managed by an independent Electoral Committee. Members of the Electoral Committee are one (1) selected representatives from each class. The Chairperson of the Electoral Committee announces the results after the counting of votes is complete.

1. Membership

All admitted and registered students of the Ndanda School of Nursing who are taking ordinary diploma studies at Ndanda School of Nursing are lawful members of NDaSN-SO.

2. Obligations

Every member of NDaSN-SO:

  1. Shall pay fees and annual subscriptions.
  2. Shall attend meetings regularly.
  3. Shall respect Student By-Laws.

3. Rights

Every member of NDaSN-SO;

  1. Shall have the right to participate in general activities of NDaSN-SO.
  2. Shall be eligible to vote or hold office when elected or appointed.
  3. Shall have a right of appearance and appeal before any organ that may determine the member’s vital interest for NDaSN-SO and the College at large.
  4. Shall have the right of audience and freedom of expression before all organs of NDaSN-SO.
  5. Shall have the right to (i) Assemble; (ii) Demonstrate; and (iii) Express their opinion.

4. Cessation of membership

Membership to the NDaSN-SO shall cease when one ceasing to be a student of Ndanda School of Nursing by any reason whatsoever.

  • NDaSN-SO Constitution

Postal and Banking services

There is a Post Office about 0.7km from the College which provides all the normal postal services. The Post Office serves all residents of Ndanda School of Nursing, and the surrounding villages of Njenga, Mpowora, Majengo, Ndolo, Mwena, Liputu, and Nangoo.

With regard to banking services: Banking services are available outside the College but if you want to withdraw money from CRDB or NMB, there are ATM machines (for CRDB) at the Ndanda Hospital main gate in 24 hours for such services. NMB has a branch at the Madeko which provides all normal banking services. Students who have no bank accounts are advised to open bank accounts for keeping their money and for doing financial transactions. For security reasons, do not show your confidential bank information to anybody.

Sports and Games

Several sports and games are offered at Ndanda School of Nursing. The available sports and games include athletics, football, basketball, volleyball and netball. The College has a very experienced games tutor responsible for coaching, managing and supervising and administering sports activities.

The major emphasis from the sports and games unit is anchored on the following:

  • Team spirit and teamwork
  • Quality customer service
  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Maintain good health
  • Creativity and innovation

Several sports and games are offered at Ndanda School of Nursing. The available sports and games include athletics, football, basketball, volleyball and netball. The College has a very experienced games tutor responsible for coaching, managing and supervising and administering sports activities.

The major emphasis from the sports and games unit is anchored on the following:

  • Team spirit and teamwork
  • Quality customer service
  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Maintain good health
  • Creativity and innovation

All students are highly encouraged to participate in at least one game activity. Recreational sports organized within our Institution include inter-class competitions, and inter-fans of the European high profile football clubs such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc. On competitive performance, our teams perform very well in competitions involving different games both within and outside Ndanda. We have experienced Tutors who helps students to show their talents in different Sports and games. Mr. Samson Maokola and Ms. Rebecka Nyanda ensure that students use sports and games as part of their refreshments.

The Sports and Games unit has the following obligations:

  • To identify and nurture talents, train and coach sports techniques.
  • To provide relevant information on the importance of exercise to staff and students. 
  • To provide efficient and effective quality sport and recreational programmes for students at the College at recreational and competitive levels.
  • To develop, expand and renovate Sports facilities and equipment.


When you need to shop for personal items/needs, there is Abbey mini-shop nearby the College. If you need stationery items you can get them at different stationeries at Madukani Ndanda and for Personal Computer (PC) accessories you may get them at the Masasi and Mtwara shopping centers.