Our vision

To provide quality health care services accessible to all

Mission Statement

To respond to Christ’s command in proclaiming the gospel and healing the sick.

The St. Benedict´s Ndanda Referral Hospital is well known in the whole Southern part of Tanzania. Our team consists of 275 workers, comprising 4 specialists, 6 Medical Doctors (MD), 3 Assistant Medical Doctors (AMO), 20 Intern Doctors and 125 nurses. With this team we care for about 95.000 patients every year who come from regions as far as Mozambique, Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar. For inpatients we provide 300 official beds in 12 wards. In 2017, we had about 8.500 inpatients.
Our goal is to provide quality healthcare for the lowest price possible. However, for patients who can afford to do so, exclusive service is offered in our Private Wards Grade 1 and Grade 2. Income generated on the Private Wards helps us to subsidize prices for patients with low socio-economical status.