Peritoneal Dialysis Project


From October, 15th until October, 19th, the nephrologist from KCMC Dr. Kajiru Kilonzo together with dialysis nurse Mrs. Willina Sarina are visiting Ndanda with the aim of initiating Peritoneal Dialysis.

It is the first time that dialysis is performed in the South of Tanzania! Therefore it is a historic event for the hospital and a step forward in the developement of the Southern Zone of Tanzania. more

Interplast 2018

The surgeons amidst an operation on a patient.

Interplast, a volunteer group of plastic and reconstructive surgeons from Germany, visited Ndanda Hospital from September 16th through October 1st, 2018. All surgical operations performed by the specialists were done free of charge for all of their patients. In addition, the surgeons were accompanied by a doctor of anesthesia and a nurse anesthetist.

The Interplast medical team had a number of successful surgeries on a range of patients with varying aesthetic problems. Many patients with cleft palate, fused limbs and digits resulting from burns, as well as keloid scars were treated.

Eye specialist

From 6/3/2018 to 26/3/2018 Dr. Grasbon, an eye specialist from Pfaffenhofen/Germany, is visiting us in Ndanda. This is already his 80th operation in Tanzania, but the first one in Ndanda. He is planning to perform about 100 catararact operations. This is a great blessing for the hospital and for the region because our native eye-specialist has retired in 2015 and since that time, cataract operations have not been performed in our hospital. The number of patients asking for treatment has already exceeded our expectations.

Interplast Camp

Patients waiting to be examined by Dr. Perialis

From 8/10/2017 to 24/10/2017 Dr. Janis Perialis, a plastic surgeon and Mrs. Maria Beil, anaesthesia nurse came to our hospital in order to do operations of plastic surgery. more